"Walking the Talk”


JLA has been championing and addressing the unmet transport needs of Queenslanders since 1998.

Currently in virtually every Queensland community, there is an array of transport services/responses with varying levels of interconnectivity and without any formal co-ordination or integration at the whole-of-community level.

Even when all transport service responses are viewed together it operates more like a sieve due to gaps in the ‘total’ passenger transport system.

The existing mass public transport system and its one-size fits all model/frameworks are NOT appropriate or cost-effective in responding to these non-mass transport needs (aka  Micro Transit).

Over the years, JLA has assisted various agencies with internal issues in responding to this need. 

It has also assisted various local communities to identify and develop a community-mandated plan to begin tackling this complex and multifaceted issue. 

JLA has also been instrumental in working with the Transport Development and Solutions Alliance (TDSA) - click here to visit there website.

JLA can assist your agency with the following range of services in relation to this specific area:

  • Consultancy.  The focus of the consultancy is your choosing thus ensuring JLA’s service is fit-for-purpose, timely and within your budgetary resources.
  • Professional Mentoring. JLA is particularly effective in being a sounding board and a stimulator of ideas that are considered by clients as ‘outside the box’
  • JLA Publications on this specific topic and other related management topics - click here to visit the publications available
  • E-mentoring for those people distance from Brisbane

JLA has a long-established track record in delivering on its contracted work within the agreed timeframe and budget.

Why not contact JLA to discuss your needs and how I can be of service to you?

Telephone: 07 38494193

Mobile/Fax:  0400505943

Email: jenny.leigh@aapt.net.au

I look forward to meeting you.

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