"Walking the Talk”

Other Services

JLA offers a range of other services including:


Example past contracts:

  • Needs Scoping research in relation to living in caravan parks in Beaudesert
  • Facilitating many organisation’s strategic and/or operational plans
  • Fixing dysfunctional organisations
  • Staff and Board training on variety of topics eg governance responsibilities
  • Review of programs or projects
  • Facilitate community forums, chats, workshops

Resource Development


  • “Packaged Care Resource Kit” for ACSA
  • “Funding resource manual for Indigenous aged care providers” for ACQI
  • “Standard Operating Procedures” for Coca Cola
  • “Policy and Procedures Manuals” for PeakCare, Headway and other NGOs
  • “Cultural Diversity Directory” for Diversicare



Submission Writing

Submissions completed to programs as diverse as –

MBF Foundation, Telstra Foundation,  HACC, Consumer Directed Care Levels 1 through 4, Community Benefit Fund, Approved  Provider applications, Disability Employment Services, PICAC, CPP, Healthy Ageing Grants, and more.



E-Mentoring and Professional Mentoring

  • Providing mentoring & professional supervision via skype
  • Face-to-face professional supervision to newly appointed
  • multi-program Managers or CEO


Social Media Maintenance Service

Why not outsource the CONTINUAL updating and posting of information to your website and other social media platforms?

YOU choose the number of hours p/week - not at consultant prices.

JLA knows your:

  • need to attract individual clients
  • competitive funding environment
  • finite budgets
  • sector and business industry


Policy & Procedure Manual  Ongoing Maintenance

Up against the clock?  Got a standards audit soon? Policy & Procedure Manuals need updating?

Why not outsource the ongoing maintenance and updating of your policy and procedures manual. This service is entirely tailored to your agency’s budget.


For more information or to schedule a personal interview, please contact me either via email jenny.leigh@aapt.net.au   or phone (07) 38494193.

I look forward to meeting and serving you.

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